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      Ideal for remote off-grid sites, holiday   homes, caravans, farm buildings and yachts.


New Product - FM1803-2 Windcharger

Are you living off grid?
Do you need power at a remote site?
Take advantage of the abundant power of the wind to generate your own free power using the Rutland FM1803-2 Furlmatic Windcharger. The FM1803-2 needs only a light breeze to start generating power for charging batteries so you have the convenience of energy stored for whenever you need it.
Click here to download the Windcharger data sheet.


503 Windcharger 12 volt.

Ideal for boats and caravans.

Generates up to 80 watts.

Turbine dia. 510mm

SR60/RWS60 Regulator recommended



913 Windcharger 12 volt.

Powerful, efficient, robust

Ideal for cruising yachts and static caravans

Generates up to 300 watts

Turbine dia, 910mm

Lighting, refrigerators, TV's etc.

SR60/RWS60 Regulator recommended


Windcharger SystemsFM910-3 Windcharger

For off-grid homes and professional applications

Furling tail system protects against sustained high winds

Peaks up to 200 watts pre furling

Turbine dia. 910mm

SR200/RWS200 regulator recommended



Powerful and robust design

For remote homes, telecommunication, telemetry, etc.

Furling tail system protects against sustained high winds

Controller included, converts AC to DC and protects batteries against overcharge

Manual stall facility

Peaks up to 750 watts pre-furling

Turbine dia. 1869mm

SR60/RWS60 Regulator recommended


Wind/Water Pump system for use in almost any location. 

No batteries required

High efficiency controller included

Kit includes water pump, hose, cable, rope, float switch and fasteners, (tower not included)

Solar modules optional extra for more pumping capacity.

Educational Kits  

The Junior Green Power Ed.

The Senior Green Power Ed.

The Graduate Green Power Ed.




12 volt Controllers.

Incorporating regulator, ammeter, battery condition monitor and fuse.

RSW200                              RSW60


SX 80U  Solarex Standard 12 volt.

Solar Panels

In no wind conditions the addition of photovoltaic modules to a charging systems ensures that batteries are kept charged.

Models and prices on request


Semi-flexible photovoltaic modules

MSX30L 12 volt 
Other models and prices on request


We offer a complete system design service, full details on request 

Full technical support for DIY installations both during installation and afterwards. 

Useful Websites:

British Wind Energy Association

British Photovoltaic Association


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