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Emlink-V - 5.8GHz Wireless

New Product

Wireless Video Link

The latest addition to Galtech-UK is our new 5.8GHz wireless video interface.
The Emlink-V is a high quality wireless audio / video interface with an additional tamper and input channel.

Both the transmitter and receiver are housed in an IP65 rated enclosure and operate from a 12V power supply (Not included)

The Emlink-V is easily programmed and paired via a single switch. Options to change RF channel, pair the receiver to a transmitter, set a timed output for the input channel and display the transmitter status are all standard features.

The receiver has a 7 LED signal strength meter and a directional antenna to obtain a reliable video link with the least amount of interference.

An Emlink-V kit comprises of a transmitter, receiver and a single wall bracket for the receiver.



Colour and Mono Cameras - and 12 v.d.c



Lenses - Manual, Auto Iris, Varifocal and Zoom

Colour and Mono Board Cameras - lenses from 3.6 to 8mm Varifocal - ideal for bird boxes - wild life observation 

0.1 Lux 380 lines 9-15 volts 30mm sq.

Submersible camera

Submersible colour camera complete with lens, bracket and 30m of cable. Unit also available in mono format.

Infra-Red Illumination
Mains 240 volt a.c. operation

Miniature Infra-Red Illumination
12 volt d.c. operation


Monitors - Colour & Black& White

Weatherproof external camera housings

Weatherproof external camera housings,
complete with anti condensation heaters.


External & Internal Pan & Tilt units and control panels


External low voltage pan and tilt

Phillips 3/12/24-hour colour video recording equipment. Video recording equipment.
Record both sound and video

Wireless camera systems.
Details on application


Covert cameras
12 volt d.c. operation


Witness low cost Observation Systems.
Suitable for internal or external use - multi camera switching. 

Please request colour brochure for details of complete range

Video transmission systems


Video transmission systems.

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